*** to locate the download link for your purchased INSTANT DOWNLOAD low res photos, Log in to your account, click on "My Account" and "View My Orders".....your order numbers are there, click on it for the download link.  Once archived, the purchased photos are no longer and save them to your phone, computer, ipad etc when purchased!!!

**  Instant download low res photos are only available for selected events/days as listed in the show gallery.  All other photos will be EMAILED to you.

**EMAILED PHOTOS are emailed!  And can usually be found in the junk mail......attachments often get put there by Hotmail, Gmail etc, not by me!

STOLEN PROOFS are not to be used on facebook, Instagram, or other internet places.....please purchase the photo and you will receive it without the watermark and words STOLEN PROOF.   You will need to find yourself another photographer if you are caught....NO excuses.

**Orders are not processed until full payment is received.  Please check your inbox AND junk mail folder within 24 hours to check for your emailed high res photos once you have paid.

from 10.11.2021 some Gallery photos are low res, and are uploaded at 1024 pixels wide.   These can be downloaded instantly after ordering/payment received..... and are designed for web use only, NOT printing.  DUE to time constraints and the sheer volume of photos taken, instant downloads are not available at every show.

Your purchased Low res & High res photos will be EMAILED to you asap depending on other commitments, usually within 24 hours.  These can be used for any purpose including prints.  Please note that orders will not be refunded or exchanged once emailed to you.  It is up to you to ensure you have ordered the correct photo!

*some show galleries will be uploaded direct from the camera with purchased photos being emailed to you.    This will be due to the many long hours spent on the arena....less time for editing before uploading.

Once downloaded, the photos go into "files" on your phone.  

You are responsible for the saving and storage of your photos, whether downloaded to your phone, ipad, or computer........  or emails with photos attached.  They will not be resent once you have received them.   If you cant find them after you have received them, have deleted the email accidentally or not, cant be bothered looking for them, or have them on your computer at home and not on your phone, then you are not entitled to another one for will need to purchase another one.   SAVE them in a SAFE place :)

PHOTO EDITING..... is not available at the moment.....

LOW RES Digital files are for web use only, they are NOT suitable to print.  They are sized at 1000 px wide, suitable for full page ipad display, web use, and phones.

HIGH RES Digital files are for web use & printing. Files are resized according to your order..... They are available in 3 sizes, 5x7" @300ppi, 6x8" @300ppi, & 8x10" @300ppi.  Basic editing such as manure removal and color correction is done prior to the files being emailed to you.   

Files are emailed within 24 hours where possible, depending on show commitments.

PRINTS or printed photos are no longer available.  Purchased high res digital files can be used to print photos.  There are no restrictions on how many you print, or where you use the files, eg Journals, advertising, home use.

COMMERCIAL RATES do not apply, you can use your purchased digital files anywhere!

ARCHIVED PHOTOS can be retrieved in most instances for a $50 search fee per photo/event providing you can supply the year, event name, horse ID or description, and if possible, the proof number.  If the photo/s can be retrieved, they will be displayed in a gallery for 14 days for you to make a purchase.  

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