BASIC COMPARISON ...... HIGH res photos are like 3 ply paper, thick and can be enlarged more before breaking.  LOW res photos are like single ply,  Ideal for web use,  but are thin and break when stretched or enlarged.    WITH HIGH RES digital files, you have them forever to print, use in ads, magazines, newspapers etc and they look better on Facebook when you enlarge them to get a better look :)      *Facebook and other social media sites SHRINK your photos, so I recommend downloading/saving to a safe place from your email, then using it ......

PACKAGES for multiple photos are discounted prices.. SAVE with free extras or discounted prices!  

Low res photos are for WEB use only.  They are not suitable for printing.

High res photos are for any use!  They are designed for printing and web use....websites, magazines, journals, catalogues, printed photos etc.

*Purchased photos are yours to use wherever you choose, you do not have to ask permission.  

COMMERCIAL USE ......... There are no extra charges or fees for commercial use.

*Photos are sorted before the photo proofs are loaded to my website each night.  They are straight from the camera, and clearly marked STOLEN PROOF.   So please be does take an hour or two :)   

Please report any use of stolen proofs on social media, it is theft.   Pay for the photo upfront and you get it without STOLEN PROOF on it!

Purchased photos are cropped, straightened, and color corrected before emailing to you.  Turnaround time is within 48 hours depending on show commitments at the time.  Digital files are EMAILED to you, at the address on your order. Please ensure the address is current, and that your inbox is not full!   Once you receive the email, it is your responsibility to save/store/keep the photos in a safe place.   They will not be replaced free of charge because you deleted your email, or lost them!

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